Not Good Enough For Manchester United, Not Good Enough For Plymouth

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Being young and talented can be tough. We’ve heard. It must be very easy to kick-back with a ham sandwich and game of Pro Evo, knowing undoubted brilliance is always preferable to effort when a manager comes to picking his team. And so it was for Bojan Djordjic (without the sandwiches and computer games, probably), the Swedish winger who arrived at Manchester United as the next big thing a few years ago and now returns home as a Plymouth Argyle reject.

Having terminated his contract this week, Ian Holloway cursed:

“I’m disappointed, because I don’t like losing people that I can’t get the best out of. I sat down with him and had a long chat with him and it will probably be by contract settlement.”

But Bojan is not the first player to fail spectacularly on every stage after promising the world. Which player has most spectacularly failed to fulfil their potential? Erik Nevland? Danny Cadamartari? Sonny Pike?

WAYNE ROONEY? Just kidding… kind of…