Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is actually urging his lunati ‘keeper to fight!

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Arsene Wenger, like an effete French Beastie Boy has told Jens Lehmann that he has to “Fight For His Right To Party”. Inviting Jens to “fight” is rather like waving a blood red rag in front of a rabid bull, and we thought that Mr Wenger had renounced his ultra-violent past, but each to their own I guess. The Daily Mail is reporting that Arsene Wenger has even gone as far as dropping his lairy German ‘keeper from the squad for today’s game against Bolton, this comes after Lehmann continuously ranted about how he should be Arsenal’s #1 whilst with the German squad. Wenger said:

“For Bolton, I decided to keep Almunia in. Jens can be on the bench but I decided to leave him completely out. He has to fight and be a little bit patient. Patience is not his first quality but Jens is a fighter. He will fight every day to be back in the team.”

Quiet and unassuming Lukasz Fabianski will be the reserve ‘keeper for quiet and unassuming Manuel Almunia, whilst Lehmann will be left with no option but to simmer in the stands, possibly mouthing German obscenities at his two rivals. Lehmann is likely to get more and more irate the longer he is left out as he has his international place to think about. Wenger said: “I want him to play in the European Championship of course but I can only make decisions which are right for Arsenal Football Club. I think I’m right.” And the Daily Mail claims that ‘Wenger did little to refute suggestions that the volatile German had reacted angrily to the news.’

Manchester City, not content with their young scamp of a keeper, seem to fancy Jens and like the idea of him “mixing things up” in the changing rooms.