Didier Drogba Apologises To Chelsea, But Is It Too Little Too Late?

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Despite telling everyone that he’s wanted to leave the club ever since he arrived, Didier Drogba is now backpedaling faster than he goes to ground after being touched. Zing!

Drogba declared: ‘On reflection, I regret making the comments I made in a recent interview public at this time.

‘I am a Chelsea player and will be 100% committed and supportive to my manager, my team-mates and the club.

‘I will not be discussing my future any further until I meet privately with the club at the end of the season.’

So to recap, he hates being at Chelsea and is upset that Mourinho left and wants to leave – but he regrets saying it out loud.

A desperate attempt to placate the masses if we ever heard one, but given his importance to the club are Chelsea fans ready to forgive and forget for the sake of success on the pitch? Or do football traditions and culture dictate that he must be booed until the end of time, and possibly have piles of poopies left on his doorstep?