Middlesbrough Boss Wants The Will Of The Warrior

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Gangly big-toothed doofus Middlesbrough Manager Gareth Southgate is set to bravely stick with his side’s attacking ethos even though their next two games are against Chelsea and Man Utd. Southgate has made the ‘Boro team in his own image…a cavalier side known for their scintillating skill and panache, or something like that. Southgate said:

“I don’t think we can alter the strengths of players we’ve got so we have to play to the strengths of our team and that’s to go forward. We haven’t been under the cosh in games.”

It seems that the ‘Boro boss is a big fan of PMA; positive mental attitude. Southgate proudly showed the press his stiff upper lip, an overbite given to him at birth by his parents and forged in the fire of the press fury after his dire penalty miss against the Germans, and said:

“It is so easy to get down about things but you’ve got to maintain a view of what we’re doing and maintain a belief in it. I’m not one who panics, I can see the good things in what we’re doing and can see the problems we’re faced with. You could get down but you have to believe that, if you’re working and training hard, those good habits will be with you on a match day. I don’t operate a blame culture.”