Chelsea Manager Wants To Entertain You With Football, Embarassing Tactical Mistakes

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Chelsea manager funny man Avram Grant has more in common with Mr. Bean than his looks – they both seek to entertain the masses or, in this case, Roman Abramovich.

After Chelsea beat Boro 2-o at the Riverside, Grant said:

“I feel an obligation to entertain. That’s the right way in modern football. We have to win – but not like it was before. We want to play better football, but you can’t do it in one day.”

Well, technically it’s been a lot more than one day. But in the light of these comments Avram Grant’s 10-man 4-4-1 formation was genius, he clearly did it on purpose to give the Chelsea team more space on the pitch to play in and make split a side or two in the stands. Grant then went on to use one of Mourinho’s favourite topics, the fact that Chelsea have such dire finishing that some of them couldn’t score in a brothel. Grant said:

“I can’t say I’m not happy with a 2-0 win, but in the last two games we have missed 50 per cent of the chances we created.”

Grant then turned his attention to want away striker Didier Drogba, the Israeli is convinced that Drogba wants to stay despite Droggers telling everyone he hates Chelsea. Grant said:

“I don’t know what will happen in the future but for me and the players it is an honour to belong to Chelsea. I am convinced he is 100 per cent committed to Chelsea. I don’t see one player who isn’t.”

Avram Grant is convinced Drogba is 100% committed after saying something is ‘broken’ at Chelsea and he has wanted to leave the club ever since he arrived? That really is entertaining.