Liverpool Boss Calls Everton’s Lescott A Diver As David Moyes Is Charged By The FA

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The Guardian is today reporting that Everton’s Davie Moyes could be in the doghouse with the FA for his post match wrath littered comments. The ginger Braveheart claimed that Clattenberg was a disgrace, and now he is going to be forced to go and see the FA for a wrist slapping session.

Angered by what appeared to be a secret circle of trust between Clattenberg, Carragher, and Gerrard, Moyes said:

“They [Liverpool players] were always in there with him and maybe he wants to be friendly with them,”.

Moyes continued, adding an allegation that Clattenberg when on his summer hols with Liverpool:

“That is as tough as I have ever had it from a referee, especially in a big game. Just incredible. Didn’t he go to Asia with Liverpool for the Asian Cup this summer?”

We’re not sure if Moyes has read Stevie G’s autobiography, but he is certain to tear his hair out when he finds out that Stevie referred to Clattenberg and Poll as “the best refs around . . . top drawer . . . never influenced by the occasion”.

But what of Rafa Benitez, surely he couldn’t keep himself quiet after the excitement of beating such a small club? First the Spaniard cavorted around the pitch joyously thanking the Gods (and Mark Clattenberg) for the three points, he was clearly elated to beat such a minuscule club, and then, to put a lovely red cherry on top of the cake of controversy, Rafa claimed that Lescott had dived and that Everton are not only a small club but dirty long-ball merchants too.

Here at the COS penthouse, we think that the next Merseyside derby should be played without a ref – they seem to be more trouble than they are worth when this game is played.