Arsenal Boss Reckons Arsenal Will No Longer Be Bullied Like Little Girls

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Arsene Wenger has claimed that Arsenal are no longer going to be a soft touch, and wont succumb to physical bullying of other teams – does that mean Arsene is finally going to stop moaning about other teams pushing his Arsenal around? Who knows, but what we can be sure of is that Arsenal wont be huddled in the centre circle clutching their huggies pull ups the next time Blackburn come to visit. Presumably Hleb will be fitted with groin-armour to prevent his gonads being crushed , and Arsene will stop weeping to the press about ultra-violence.

Wenger said:

“The time when we could be bullied is certainly over. We can respond when it happens now and on that front we are much stronger than we were. I feel the players, especially here [at Emirates Stadium] where the pitch is so good, can escape the bad tackles and keep the ball moving.”

So it looks like Wenger isn’t going to fight fire with fire, but instead tell his players to run away from dirty challenges and groinal lunges, which to be fair could be a good tactic with all the speed merchants in his team.