Arsenal Captain Is Sooooo Glad He Left Chelsea

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Whilst Arsenal captain William Gallas says that his current team play better football than any other he has ever played for, Joe Cole thinks that Arsenal need to watch out; as he ominously told The Sun “we are coming to get you” (we’re sure he did…)

The defender spent five years at Chelsea before his bitterly-disputed move to the Emirates in part-exchange for Ashley Cole.

Gallas seemed very pleased to be playing for Arsenal, and turned his nose up at his time playing for Chelsea. Gallas said:

“We are playing better football than any other team I have ever been a part of. Different to Chelsea? Yes, it’s better. I am very happy to be playing for Arsenal.”

Although Gallas won two Premier League titles at Chelsea and reached two Champions League semi-finals, Gallas had no qualms about damning his old club with faint (or non existent praise).Gallas, also threw some barbs at Chelsea in that he now goes and sits in the stands to watch Arsenal when he isn’t playing, something he’d never consider at his evil former employers Chelsea:

“When I was watching from the stands during my recent injuries, I was really surprised how we played and was so happy for the team. I was just like a kid.When we didn’t score I would stand up with the other supporters and shout.Watching the kids beating Newcastle in the Carling Cup by playing great football made me realise that our squad is very strong.I don’t remember ever being like that at Chelsea. I didn’t go to watch many games there.”

Gallas did warn however, that Arsenal need to concentrate and that simply playing well wont suffice, they need to win things too. Gallas said:

“It is very important to win something this season. We definitely have to do that.We are winning game after game and all the young players in the squad are starting to believe we can do something. If we don’t win anything, then there’s no point.At Arsenal we have played some great football but we could still win nothing. It is more important to win a trophy and show our strength to everyone in that way.”

And this is where Joe Cole comes into the situation, and this time it wasn’t to refute rumours that he was seen cavorting half naked around Bromley in a haze of page 3 lust. The skillful Chelsea scamp, obviously fired up by Chelsea’s three wins in a row, fired a warning shot at Arsenal, saying that:

“You’re not out of the title race in September.We need to put a really great run together, 20 to 25 wins. I know that sounds silly but it is what we have got to do. We are certainly capable of doing that.”