Cardiff just can’t get it together as Risdale gets ready to ‘do another Leeds’

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We all know Cardiff’s attack is filled with more stars than Peaches Geldof’s phonebook but can you name any of their defenders? Well, you may not have to if Dave Jones gets his way, after a very poor 1-0 defeat at Southampton at the weekend:

“If players can’t live up to the expectation levels that have been set in the club, then they will go and we will bring people in, one (defender) steps out and the other has to shut the door and we did it too late,”

What Jones didn’t seem to notice is that his expensively assembled strike force didn’t score/were injured/too busy with their property/horse portfolio as has seemed to be the case quite often this season.

And while the pressure grows on Jones, another man who might be worried is Peter Risdale, whose previous claim to fame was single handedly (alright, with a little help from David O’Leary) destroying Leeds United. But surely he’s learned his lesson hasn’t he? Nope, Risdale has said he has budgeted that the club will get in the Premiership this year, an increasingly unlikely prospect. But what’s the worst that could happen?

Oh right…