Jens Lehmann Just Loves To Undermine His Arsenal Boss And Team Mates

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Arsenal keeper Jens “F**king Nutter” Lehmann has…well, just read the quotes,

“But at the moment I’m just swallowing it all as part of the humiliation. That’s something one has to take in. But I think and this is aimed at my dear manager – one shouldn’t humiliate players for too long.

“I’m an Arsenal player and I won’t just fade away quietly.”

Lehmann added: “Wenger spoke of three world class goalkeepers. One of them must be me. The other two have proved their class by winning titles? If I think about that, I can’t recall any.

“I’m convinced that I’ll be playing again. Almunia has not yet showed that he can win matches for us.

“I’ve experienced this situation before and know what the others are expecting from the goalkeeper. I can’t imagine he’ll be able to handle that.”

Blimey, if this is what he’s like to the press we can’t imagine his behaviour in training. Putting fart balloons on Wenger’s chair, filling Almunia’s boots with shaving cream, hiding all the training cones in the boot of his car. Lehmann has officially gone from ambitious, arrogant goalkeeper to crazy man who would probably sooner wish a 6-0 loss on Arsenal than quietly fight for his place and respect the decision of his coach.