Southampton selling out: Good or Bad?

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While rich women have to have one of those small fluffy dogs to carry around, rich men cannot be seen dead without a football club under their arm these days. And with most of the Premiership clubs gone the Championship is now facing a looting. Who’s next but those one time Premiership strugglers and home to the talennts of Le Tissier and, um, Benali, Southampton. Let the BBC take up the story:

“Southampton have revealed that their plc board has agreed in principle to proposals which would see a mystery investment company buy into the club.”

A mystery investor, well that’s re-assuring. Well, Newcastle owner Mike Ashley seems to be linked with moves to more clubs than Nicolas Anelka recently but that has always seemed a bit far fetched. we are betting it is some nameless dullard who made their name selling computers or insurance. That’s the thing with club owners, they are either made or very boring, thank God for Simon Jordan.

So as yet another club contemplates losing its soul for about 3 minutes once the money starts rolling in, is this a good move for Southampton fans?