Is Everyone Happy With Didier Drogba?

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Didier Drogba’s teammate Peter Cech has defended the striker from the potential flak he will no doubt receive in tonight’s Champions League game against Shalke 04. After Droggers claimed that he wanted to leave ‘broken’ Chelsea the Ivorian then went and nabbed a goal in about 4 nanoseconds at ‘Boro, all of which must be very confusing to the Chelsea faithful. To boo, or not to boo? Peter Cech is firmly in the no booing camp, the Chelsea keeper said:

“Didier opened his heart in his interview [with France Football], but for us, as players, and for the club and the fans, the main thing is that he’s always been brilliant on the pitch. He’s always been fighting 100 per cent. Every player has the right to say what he thinks. But what’s important is that he always gives 100 per cent on the pitch. He wants to score goals and to win – and that’s all that really matters.”

‘Manager’ Avram Grant also declared his feelings for Drogba, and implied that he couldn’t give a monkeys what Drogba says off the pitch. Grant said:

“Since I’m here, I can only check what I’ve seen on the pitch. All the players are fully committed. Sometimes they play well, sometimes they could play better, but you couldn’t say that any of them didn’t have commitment for the team. And that’s what’s important.”

With Etienne Mendy, Drogba’s agent, claiming yesterday that he would only consider moves to Italy or Spain, and thus breaking poor Lyons hearts, is conciliation the right move for the Chelsea team? Or should they boo seven shades of sushi out of the want away striker who surely is only happy ‘for now’?