More Arsenal Players Moan, Moan and Moan Some More

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It looks like Jens Lehmann isn’t the only lunatic at Arsenal. Sitting pretty at the summit of the Premier League, basking in the papers’ warm praise of their 7-0 demolition job of Slavia Prague, life must me good at the velvet locomotive that is Arsenal. Or so you would think, The Sun is telling us that Lassana Diarra is already considering his future at Arsenal after only a handful of months at the club.

Diarra, 22, said:

“I have played more games for my country than for my club, which is ridiculous”

Wwhat Arsene makes of this pipsqueak’s rant is anyone’s guess – but if Lehmann might be justified in moaning a tad, is Diarra’s outburst really going to be tolerated?

Whilst cautioning us that he is “not stupid”, Diarra then went on to look very stupid indeed as he continued his rant. Diarra said:

“I changed clubs in order to play and if my situation is the same as it was at Chelsea then I should have stayed where I was. I am not stupid. I came to Arsenal to play and I cannot stay like this for ever. I was only 19 when I went to Chelsea, so it was OK for me to wait for a year for my chance. But now I am playing for the French national team and, with the European Championships coming up, I need to play regular football. I cannot stay like this, going to training but staying home at weekends and sometimes playing in the Carling Cup. I cannot accept this now. I will have to decide what to do. If I’m not playing by Christmas, I may have to go somewhere else.”

So lets dissect this statement for a moment, Diarra says he will leave if he isn’t playing by Christmas, Arsenal are currently flying in all competitions. Gilberto Silva and Jens Lehmann can’t even get in the team. Hmmm….