Scotland Better Than England. Really.

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Oh bloody hell, you just knew it was going to happen sooner or later didn’t you, pretty much every decent newspaper, and the Daily Mail too, is reporting that Scotland could leapfrog England in the FIFA Rankings. Whilst Scotland have had a miraculous qualifying so far – and despite having a bit off an off month (losing to Georgia 2-0) they have risen one place in the rankings to the heady heights of 13th. This is the highest ranking the Scots have achieved since the inception of the FIFA rankings in ’93. Only two places above the plucky Scots are England, who must worry that they will be leapfrogged by their northern neighbours. These rankings aren’t just a random invention to make sure the goons at FIFA have something to do with their time, oh no, these rankings affect the seedings for major tournaments and if Scotland stay as they are they won’t get a horrendous draw like they did for the Euro 2008 group.

Whilst the manager-less Republic of Ireland are in a mediocre 32nd, Northern Ireland are right behind them at 36th, and that completes the line up of the home nations. What’s that? What about the wonderful nation of Wales you say? Well firstly they are a principality, secondly they are very bad at football, and thirdly they are languishing in 58th place, one below the mighty Cyprus.

So are Scotland set to subject England to yet more humiliation, are they really better than England?…Actually, hold on a sec’..does anyone actually give a monkeys about the eccentric and random FIFA rankings?