Theo Walcott Back On Track To Become Arsenal’s Next Henry

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As Theo Walcott completed his double against Slavia Prague yesterday, the name on most peoples’ lips was ‘Thierry Henry’ , but young speedster Theo has moved to stop everybody likening him with Thierry. Walcott said:

“People are always going to compare me to Thierry the way I run and everything but as I keep saying I will be my own player.“The fans have been brilliant to me since I joined. Every game the cheers are massive. It was good to get those goals tonight for them. It would have been nice to get the hat-trick maybe another day but I’ll take two, definitely. People are going to compare the second the pressure off, goal to Thierry but it was my own goal. It was brilliant to train with him every day and take bits out of his game but I’m my own player.”

Manager Wenger then drizzled praise allover his young star, Arsene said:

“Theo took a while to get into the game but once he scored the goal, you saw him much more. I believe he has the talent, that is why he is at Arsenal. The problem is not to hurry too much. He has good ingredients in him. He is intelligent, has fantastic pace and his technique is improving. But you need to be patient.”

Even though Theo was very polite in his pleas to be recognized as his own man, we think that it is impossible not to compare the two in terms of potential.