Chelsea’s Midget Man-Child Is Not Happy, Do Tottenham and Manchester City Still Care?

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He may be a stunted midget man-child who always looks confused, but Shaun Wright Phillips has a whole lot of fire in his tiny gnome-like belly, and he is directing it at ‘entertainer’ Avram Grant. The Sun’s Ian McGarry is reporting that SWP was happily skipping around Stamford Bridge with his oversized lolly, convinced that he was going to start yesterday’s Champions League game against Schalke 04.

But when Avram Grant pulled his teamsheet out of his backside a hat, SWP wasn’t even on the bench (the other players were probably simply relieved that Grant had actually managed to name a starting lineup with 11 players in it.) All this kerfuffle has left SWP (apparently) considering his Chelsea future.

McGarry sensationally writes:

“Wright-Phillips, 26 today, was convinced he was going to START on the right all the way up to kick-off then found out he was not even on the seven-man bench. He has made just 29 League starts in a little over two seasons — and his situation will alert former club City and Spurs.”

As a wise man once said, “It’s in The Sun so it must be true.”