Everton’s David Moyes Unleashes Ginger Fury On Mark Clattenberg Once More

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Everton’s Manager David Moyes, whose flaming hair matches his anger towards Clattenberg, yesterday refused to give up the ghost and used his UEFA cup press conference to hammer home his views on the Refereeing display at Goodison last Saturday. Moyes raged :

“The one thing I have tried not to do lately is to be critical of referees. But we knew the minute we had come off last Saturday that we had been victims of an injustice. Are we over Saturday? No. But it will make us stronger. At one point it was 12 against nine. The players will benefit from the experience. The only positive was the fact that the game was not decided by the players but by the referee.”

Moyes then mysteriously suggested that there may be something extremely fishy going on and that he knows the truth. Moyes said, raising one eyebrow cryptically:

“I know the real story. I know what has gone on and I know what the referee’s thoughts were because of his comments to me. If the FA want to know the real comments then they need to speak to me.”

Moyes seemed far happier with, Swede Martin Ingvarsson, the ref that Everton will have for their opening game of the group stage at home to Larissa. Moyes said:

“I am confident it will be 11 against 11 with the Swedish referee. We want the crowd to be our twelfth man off the pitch. But our twelfth man couldn’t even up what went on last Saturday.”

The Larissa game will also bring up an intriguing opportunity for Everton fans to compare one of their former players, African flop Ibrahima Bakayoko (4 goals in 23 league games) to the current man filling the ‘African Flop’ role at Everton; Yakubu.