Manchester City Overlord Promises More Moolah

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Manchester City owner Thaksin Shinawatra has told manager Sven Goran Eriksson that he will give him yet more money to splurge when the January transfer window creaks open. Sven, a man of expensive tastes, spent a whopping 3.5 Yakubus (or roughly £40million) over the summer, and now he’ll be able to add to his team of superstars in the New Year according to Sky Sports.
Shinawatra said:

“There will not be many new faces like there were in the summer but possibly, there will be a few. There is no doubt that I trust Sven to spend my money well and it is our duty to find it. His track record has been brilliant so far.”

The former Thai PM then went on to declare his undying love for Sven, and his ability to spend spend spend! Shinawatra said:

“There were those who questioned us when we appointed Sven as manager but they are not doing so now. So far, he has proved to be a perfect choice. We set out with a three-year plan and though people will say we are ahead of that plan we have only played 10 games so far. But we have started very well and we seem to be winning the disillusioned fans back.”

Watch out United, Svennis is on the rampage, and his City boys are bringing back the ‘disillusioned fans’ – woo-hoo!