Surprise! Chelsea’s Drogba Tells Michael Ballack He Should Have Gone To Arsenal Or Manchester United

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Chelsea’s Didier Drogba, not content with whining and weeping at Mourinho’s departure, saying he wants to leave his ‘broken’ club, and yet also tugging on the club badge after he scored against Schalke 04 with a ‘trust me, I’m loyal’ look on his face – has now turned, without a whiff of irony, to Michael Ballack – telling him that he should have signed for Arsenal or Man Utd instead. Hmmmm.

The leaders of truth and justice The Sun today reports that Drogba said:

“It’s hard for Ballack at Chelsea because this club is special. I’m convinced he would have had a much easier time at Manchester United or Arsenal because they benefit from their well-balanced team — he would have been a better fit there. At Chelsea, we depend on our individuals. So, maybe Chelsea is not the right club for Ballack.”

Didier Drogba’s turncoat quotes are starting to make us tear our hair out, make your mind up ‘Droggers’; are Chelsea a “special” club or are they “broken”!??! Drogba, clearly starting to get bored with talking about anyone but himself, then went on to flirt outrageously with the Bayern Munich big cheeses. Drogba said:

“A club like Bayern Munich is historic. I have to admit, that I envy players like Franck Ribery or Luca Toni because they are under contract in Munich. As a player, it’s your duty to continue the tradition of such a club — but the most important thing is to have fun. In Germany they play very offensively, there are a lot of goals, the stadiums are modern and full. That counts for me. When I entered the Allianz Arena in Munich during the World Cup, I was flattened by the atmosphere.”

So Chelsea are a broken and poorly balanced team, Bayern Munich rules. But Drogba is 100% committed to the cause and not at all distracted… right….