Has Gus Poyet Done Enough At Leeds To Earn Tottenham Job?

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Regular COS readers will know that there is nothing Leeds fans like more than jokes at their expense. So they will not be enjoying Tottenham taking the piss out of them by claiming they haven’t approached Gus Poyet when he is very clearly moving to the London club.

The Yorkshire Post take up the story:

United were still waiting for an official approach this morning but club chief executive Shaun Harvey said: “Despite the widespread speculation, Leeds United can confirm that we have neither received an approach from Tottenham for Poyet, nor a request from him to be released from his contract with Leeds.

“Any approach from Tottenham for our assistant manager would not be welcome.”

What Harvey fails to realise (or, wait, maybe he does and is just playing dumb to secure a bigger pay off) is that this sort of rumour doesn’t come from nowhere. And if Poyet is forced to choose between Premier League football at the side of one of world football’s most respected managers, and League one with Dennis Wise… well, what do you think?

But the more important question is whether Gus is being brought to White Hart Lane as anything more than a glorified translator, so if any Leeds fans can clue the rest of us in on the job he’s done at Leeds so far it would be greatly appreciated.