Sheffield Wednesday Boss Is Inexplicably Confident

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No sacking-fest can be complete without the fire-happy Sheff Wed board, and who is that turning up with a cheap bottle wine at the Championship’s current p45 party? Yep, here they come, it’s Wednesday.

No surprise really, Wednesday are second bottom and the club really do like nothing more than thumbing through a few CVs. But wait a minute, what’s that? Brian Laws, who was summoned to tell the board where it all went wrong after Tuesday’s defeat to Scunthorpe, is none too happy to be heading for the Job Centre. In fact he is under the misguided impression that he might not be.

“I don’t know where this has come from. The board simply wanted to know what went wrong and what we’re doing about it,”

Oh right, our mistake Brian, nothing wrong with being summoned to the board to explain why the team is so crap.

“At the end of the day, win, lose or draw on Saturday, I’ll be here. I think it would be stupid for the board to come out and say my job is safe, but they’re telling me I have their support and that’s fine. At no stage have they said I’ve got a certain number of games to save my job.”

Famous last words…