Tottenham Bag The Worlds Greatest Manager…

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…So thinketh the Sun, who today unveiled a whopper of a sychophantic article, claiming that Juande Ramos is definitely worth stabbing Martin Jol in the front for. In fact, after reading The Sun’s article Spurs fans will wonder what took Levy and his shadowy cronies so long to boot Jol into touch; Ramos sounds like a cross between Jesus Christ and King Arthur. The Sun’s Antony Kastrinakis writes:

“Think of Arsene Wenger, throw in a bit of Alex Ferguson and mix it up with Jose Mourinho — and you get Ramos. For the players he is a mentor, a teacher, a man who loves spectacular, attacking football like Wenger. Go out of form, take your eye of the ball and you are dropped even if you are Beckham or Van Nistelrooy. Work your socks off and you are in the team for good — just like Sir Alex. If you need your manager to be a leader, a friend, a confidante — just like Mourinho — then Ramos is your man. Yet Ramos is different to the legendary three Premier League managers in one way — he is always calm, does not remonstrate with referees, does not moan.”

Oh Lordy, this man sounds like some sort of supermensch, and The Sun article seems so fair and balanced, not a whiff of frothy hype at all. Once Kastrinakis had finished his portrait of the footballing bastard lovechild of Mourinho and Wenger, he dredged up some quotes from a Juande Ramos insider. The insider said:

“The word that best defines Juande is justice. He is a just man, a fair man.”

Kastrinakus continued to sing mouth watering Ramos praises, apparently Ramos was a wanted man. Kastrinakus wrote:

“Barcelona were planning to replace Frank Rijkaard with Ramos if the Dutchman left at the end of the season. Real, too, were always following him closely.”

So lets get this straight, Spurs have got the proceeds of a sperm donation of all the top genius managers in the Premier League, and they beat Real Madrid and Barcelona to the punch…and most amazingly of all he turned Kanoute into a 20-goals a season man…we wait with baited breath.

Oh, and is there any chance that this means The Sun won’t be throwing Ramos under the bus after he loses his first match? Hmm…