Yawn, Manchester United Striker Is The New Marado…zzzz

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Argentinian football God Gabriel Batistuta, the long haired striker that scored more goals for Argentina than anyone else, thinks that Carlito Tevez is the greatest thing since sliced Maradona – making him the world record 98,326th person to be given the honour.

Batistuta said:

“Carlito is definitely at the right club at the right time in his career. Playing alongside Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, he can achieve everything he wants. It is much better to be playing with other world-class players than just to be the best player in your side. At West Ham last season, Tevez did a brilliant job and helped the club to stay up. But he had to do a lot of the hard work on his own.”

Batistuta took a small break from the incessant Tevez loving to catch his breath, and then started right up again. Batigol continued:

“At Manchester United, having players of the quality of Rooney, Ronaldo, Giggs, Vidic and Ferdinand to help him will make his life much easier. Don’t forget that Tevez is still quite young and has only been in Manchester for a few months. It will take him a bit more time to show everyone what he can really do. But he is already a fantastic, world-class talent and at his new club he has every tool required to become a true Argentine great.”

Tevez is a good player but he’s not the next Maradona. Not even remotely close. But, well, whatever…