Arsenal’s Cesc Will Be Disappointed If They Dont Win The Title

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There is no doubt that Arsenal, are a dynamically skillful attacking side, but can they go all the way? The Daily Mail is reporting that boy wonder Cesc Fabregas certainly thinks so, saying that anything less than a Premier League championship will be a “disappointment”. Pretty big talk from a pretty small Spaniard, especially as they will be travelling up to Anfield this Sunday for a whopper of a game.

The Spanish genius said:

“Second position would be a disappointment. You compare it to the last two years it could be good progress. But we don’t want good progress. We want to win the league. But, for me, there is no point talking about it now. There are just nine games played. Now it is too early. We must still go away to a lot of places.”

For him there’s no point in talking about it now? But he just sai…whatever…