Tottenham’s Managerial Mistake, Liverpool’s Ineptness and Arsenal’s Idiot In Goal

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Vivek ponders the latest goings-on in the utterly mental world of Premiership football. 

Lehmann lashed out in the media about losing his first team place, insinuating that he was the only real world class keeper on the team and that he deserved his spot back.  I’ll echo Beckenbauer’s advice and suggest that Lehmann keep his fat mouth shut lest Wenger ships him out in the winter.  World class keepers don’t let shots go through their hands, can handle having the ball at their feet, don’t get rattled on corners and certainly don’t get booked 8 times in a season.  Cech is world class.  You, Mr. Lehmann, are the third option.  Did he really think Wenger would change anything considering Arsenal’s form right now?

Looks like the Reds have contracted the same disease that Arsenal suffered from last year.  They can’t bloody finish.  64% possession, 26 shots and all they can manage is one goal, against Besiktas no less.  Combine pathetic finishing with a leaky defense and last place in the group is no less than we deserve.  Torres seems like the only one with his shooting boots on straight, but Rafa’s maddening rotation policy means he sits out half the games.  Arsenal are in top form and I just hope we don’t get embarrassed this week.

Jol’s departure is really disheartening, not only because he was a classy act, but because it was unwarranted.  I have never understood, for the life of me, why Tottenham spent 16 million pounds for Darren Bent.  With Berbatov, Keane and Defoe they already had a potent front line and adding another very expensive striker made no sense.  Jol knew this and asked for cover at center-half instead, but was rebuffed.  As good as King is, he is perpetually injured and Tottenham’s weaknesses lie not in their front two, but in their midfield and especially in their defense.  The Spurs more than anything needed a creative midfielder, a left sided midfielder (they filled this with Bale I suppose) and a revamped defense with at least one new center-back.  Instead they got a new striker and now will get a new manager.  Jol paid the price for the incompetence of his board and the rest of the higher ups.  I don’t really care who takes over, Tottenham won’t break into the top 4 unless they fix their defense and their midfield.

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