Juande Ramos Is Not The Saviour Of Tottenham, So What Should Fans Expect?

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Hey, he said it:

“I am not the saviour of Spurs,” he added.

“Spurs already possess a team capable of facing the biggest challenges in the Premier League.

“I am an ambitious man and my ambitions with Spurs are not just about improving their league position.

“This team is capable of gaining a Uefa Cup qualifying place and that’s our minimum goal for this season.”

Given their utterly toss start to the season, it’s fairplay to shoot for a UEFA cup place and that’s certainly within reach as the season is only about 1/4 of the way through.

But with this season as a write off, what are Spurs fans’ goals for next season? Back competing with the big four? Cup wins? Title wins? Complete overhaul of the playing squad and another ‘transitional’ year?