Martin Jol Confirms Anything Said About, Or By, Tottenham Is Rubbish

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If you can’t trust the PR department of a football club, or the tabloid press, then who can you trust?

The aftermath of Martin Jol’s departure from Tottenham was filled with a wide variety of stories and reasons. But the general consensus was that Jol had agreed to leave prior to the match and for some reason decided to stay on and manage it anyway. The news was allegedly leaked at halftime, leading to the Spurs fans chanting for Jol throughout the second half.

But apparently it’s all bollocks.

Jol told The People:

“The first I knew was when I saw my nephew in the tunnel immediately after the game and he pulled me to one side and told me what everyone else seemed to know already.

“So it is rubbish to say that I heard it before the game.”

The Dutch coach added: “I went into the dressing room to tell the players and say farewell to them – and they all stood up and applauded me.

“It was a strange night because it was my final game in charge but it was also a special night. I had a great connection with the Tottenham fans and that will always be there.

“The fans were unbelievable the way they were chanting my name throughout the game, and I am a little embarrassed because they knew before me that I was gone.”

And what about his furious bust-ups with chairman Daniel Levy, according to some rags “source”?

He said: “I don’t have a problem with Daniel or the club because they treated me very well throughout my time there.

Glad that’s cleared up, then. Until tomorrow’s news says otherwise.