Sven Was Second Choice For Manchester City

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New Tottenham boss Juande Ramos was apparently the man Thaksin Sinafiiwutahadg wanted to head his Manchester City revolution, and turned to Sven after being rebuffed by the in-demand Sevilla boss,

“I have always dreamed of working in England and this is the right moment to make that leap,” he told the Sunday Mirror.

“Manchester City wanted me to join them in the summer. At the time that move was impossible. Now Spurs have made their approach and I have accepted it.”

With Sven off to a flyer at City, 6-0 thumping by Chelsea aside, they probably aren’t too bothered. But with Ramos about to dig his claws in at Spurs, it’ll be interesting to see which club comes up trumps by the end of the season.