Aston Villa aren’t selling Barry and especially not to Chelsea

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According to the Daily Telegraph Aston Villa’s Supernerd Manager Martin O’Neill has told Chelsea to go away and to keep their grubby paws off Gareth Barry. The obvious flipside of Barry’s call up to the England team and subsequent top notch performances is the fact that the big boys are now knocking, O’Neill however – isn’t prepared to give him up without a fight and a boxing match between geekish O’Neill and cadaver clown Avram Grant would make glorious television.
O’Neill said:

“I don’t think we would be welcoming [an approach by Chelsea], I don’t know whether it’s just paper talk and no one has contacted us about this at all. He’s playing for England now and he’s playing for England because of how he’s played for Aston Villa. That’s something we’re quite pleased with.”

Avram Grant is obviously thinking that he can nab Villa’s captain after Frank Lampard goes off on his extended holiday to ‘the continent’, and will O’Neill be able to turn down 15 million of Chelsea’s filthy pounds? O’Neill remained defuant:

“I assume he’s making enough progress for clubs such as Chelsea to be alerted to him. But we’re hoping to stave off those kind of things and the best way to do that is to make progress ourselves. I would hope we’re building a team not dismantling one.”

Is a Barry exit from Villa Park even something that the fans are worried about? Or is he too firmly entrenched in the M’ON revolution?