Manchester United boss joins Arsenal in asking small clubs to stop trying to beat them

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Manchester United gaffer Sir Alex Ferguson is a tad annoyed to say the least, the redfaced Scotsman is annoyed with the constant dirty tackles that are inflicted on angelic Christiano Ronaldo according to The Sun.

Ferguson said:

“I am worried too many defenders are pursuing a policy of stopping Ronaldo by fair means or foul, some of the tackles on him have been ridiculous this season. I don’t mean defenders should let him through, but I do expect refs to protect him more. I expect opposition fans to boo our man but I don’t expect refs to be influenced by the hostility. Special players like Ronaldo, whom fans want to see play, need to be encouraged rather than kicked out of the game.”

We do like to see brilliant footballers allowed to play, but S’Alex pretty much just wants defenders to become world class so they can stop Ronaldo or otherwise just let him bamboozle them with stepovers. A nice thought, but all this sounds ssuspiciously like Arsene Wenger’s frequent request that the crapper clubs don’t put men behind the ball, and instead let Arsenal one-two their way to the title.

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