Sunderland Nutter Roy Keane Thinks He May Be Too Hard On His Players, But Would Also Boo Them

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Sunderland hard man manager Roy Keane took a look at his own training regimen after Sunderland’s 1-1 draw at home to Fulham. According to the Daily Mail Roy Keane’s training sessions are more reminiscent of Israeli Special Forces training than football practice. Even Stuart ‘Psycho’ Pearce wilted when forced to endure Keane’s training, describing it as ‘very intense’ – and now Keane is ready to accept he may be pushing his boys a tad too hard.

Keane said:

“I’d hate my players to walk through training, but it’s something I’m prepared to look at. If someone you trust says they’ve not seen that level of intensity at other clubs then I have to. We have to train properly, but maybe for shorter periods.”

So it looks like an end to those midnight push-up competitions then, but nutter Keane had no problem with seeing his boys booed off the pitch, saying that he’d have joined in if he was in the stands. Keane said:”No problem with that, I’d have booed us.”