Where Were You When Leeds Were Crap?

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Time was when it was Manchester City who were the big club at a low level, getting huge attendance and all saying “We’re crazy we are, the lower we go the more that turn up”.

Massive attendences in the lower leagues is football’s equivelant of the middle-class rich boy who loves to adopt a mockney accent and pretend they are ‘salt of the earth’. Now who is it? Well, it’s everyone’s favourite administration chasers Leeds United.

Another win at the weekend (4-2 over Millwall) and it is surely just a matter of time before they are topping the league. Plastics will roll in from all directions and older, fatter fans will be trying to squeeze into their late 90’s replica kit in the hopes of earning some street cred.

The Leeds story has gone from impressive (Champions League) to hilarious (everything after) to a bit sad (dropping into League One). But their resurgence has us looking forward to seeing the club in the top flight soon, with full legion of “lifetime” fans in tow.