Chelsea Boss Rewarded For Not Being As Crap As We All Thought

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Chelsea’s Clown Prince Avram Grant is being rewarded for not living up to expectations and actually getting some decent results. Israeli Grant will be given a brand spanking new three year contract according to the Daily Telegraph. And last weekend’s 6-0 battering that was dished out to hapless Manchester City has convinced Abramovich that his friend should be here long-term.

Up until now Grant has been on the ‘paupers wages’ of a director of football, but now he’ll be in the big time with a sparkling diamond encrusted Abramovich contract, and the Telegraph claims that the new deal should be penned sometime this week.

Grant’s failure to win approval amongst the players was evident early on in his reign, with players like Drogba and Lampard literally queuing up to belly flop off the sinking ship. Grant has obviously changed some minds in the last few weeks though with Carvalho, who everybody thought was going to join the growing band of disgruntled players, is actually quite gruntled. Carvalho, in a statement of Jesus like decency, has said that he will honour his latest contract, despite being linked heavily with Juventus. Carvalho said:

“I know about the rumours linking me with Juventus but I haven’t spoken to anyone. I have signed a contract with Chelsea and I have no interest in changing clubs even though Mourinho is no longer here. No matter who the coach is I will be professional and will give my all on the field.”

Wow. First a new contract for Avram Grant, and now players doing a u-turn right before the exit door, and declaring their dedication to Chelsea…