Everton’s Yobo thinks Yakubu is the best thing ever in the whole wide world.

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Everton’s Nigerian captain Joseph Yobo has stood up for his teammate Yakubu, claiming that he has total confidence in him to bang in literally hatfuls of goals. Considering that winter is swiftly approaching – and everyone knows that is when the Yak hibernates and his goal tally slips to nothingness – this is a big claim from Yobocop.

Yobo said:

“It’s been a bit difficult for him since he came here but it is always going to be that way when you come to a new club,” said the defender, Everton’s stand-in captain at Derby. “He’s been disappointed because he hasn’t scored a lot but I’ve been telling him that if he relaxes, the goals will come. He is a striker who thrives on confidence and hopefully the goal at Derby will give him that.”

Yobo then went on to explain that he was Yakubu’s BFF, and that he expained to the Yak that at Everton the only way to get approval from the fans is to give up this goalhanging lark, and to work his socks off. Yobocop said:

“I spoke to him a lot before he came here as he’s my mate. I kept telling him what it is like and he knew what he was going to face when he signed. I told him it would take him a bit of time to adjust to the way we play. But Yak is a player who, if you give him a chance, will score plenty. He is going to score a lot of goals for us. He’s getting better and better all the time.”

Yakubu obviously duly noted his bessie mate’s opinion as he bagged one, assisted one, and generally ran around like a man conducting his own personal bleep test throughout the Derby County victory. Then again, it was Derby County. And they’re a bit awful.