Liverpool Players Grudgingly Admit To Arsenal’s Brilliance

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Whilst the Liverpool Manager Rafa Benitez was nervously stroking his beard in anticipation of bad news regarding Xabi’s toe, Jamie Carragher and Steve Finnan were busy telling everyone how amazing Arsenal are. According to the Liverpool Echo, Carragher said:

“Are Arsenal as good as people say they are? You’d better believe it, I thought they had 12 men out there! Arsenal are a great side, but we were very close to them, we are just six points behind and it was nearly a couple less with that display. We battled hard, and we are proud of the way we played with commitment and effort, but Arsenal did play well, they are going to be a tough side to catch.”

Steve Finnan was also quick to talk of Arsenal’s brilliance – indeed the Gunners were so it was almost as if Liverpool needed a Mr Clattenberg to help them out. Finnan said:

“I suppose they were good enough to win the match because of the chances and possession they had.”

Everyone seems to be falling overthemselves trying to get out enough sickening praise for the Gunners, Sir Alex will no doubt have his United lads ready to kick lumps out of them this weekend so it will be interesting to see if Wenger’s lads as tough as they are pretty.

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