Manchester United be damned, Bolton’s Moan-Meister Anelka likes Gary Megson

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Strange things are happening this Halloween week, Yakubu scored at the weekend, Chelsea actually put in an entertaining performance, and now perenially disruptive striker Nic Anelka has told manic ginger gum-chewer Gary Megson that he is happy to stay at Bolton. Glorious news, especially as Manchester United were rumoured to be sniffing around the sans-culotted rogue.

We recognize that a moany transfer ravenous Frenchman and a grumpy ginger relegation specialist doesn’t seem like the most amicable of relationships, so we have dredged the gutter press, and found not one but two quotes corroborating this Bolton fairytale.

A Daily Mail article credits Anelka with saying:

“There is no problem with the manager. The most important thing now is the league.”

Whilst The Sun has found an entirely different quote lying about, but it illustrates the same point:

“We all want to be happy here and to stay. We want to do everything to win games and stay up. Gary Megson is the manager. When he asks me to do something, I do it.”

That last part can’t be good…