Tottenham Lazy Boys To Get A Kick Up The Backside After Blackburn Stroll

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The Daily Mail is scoffing at the fact that the Tottenham squad are so unfit that as soon as Juande Ramos stormed into their training ground he informed the players that they would be doing a double training shift. Ramos was clearly so unimpressed by Spurs’ limp 2-1 home defeat, that he cranked up the level on the spurs training regimen from “mild” to “sadistic”.

The Daily Mail reports that Juande Ramos has been studying his Tottenham dvd’s and has come to the conclusion that his new team are woefully unfit. Indeed, the Mail’s Neil Ashton writes:

“Spurs have conceded five times in the 90th minute (Sunderland, Fulham, Arsenal, Liverpool and Blackburn) this season, costing them seven Premiership points and a comfortable mid-table position. Ramos armed himself with DVDs of Tottenham and England matches after he was originally courted by Daniel Levy in August and he identified the players’ fitness as an immediate area for improvement.”

So the Spaniard’s first move has been to turn Spurs Lodge from a laid back Club Med, to a hard, unforgiving marine barracks, but will this pull Tottenham out of their stupor?