Chelsea boss Avram Grant continues his ridiculous hard man routine

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Blimey – this Avram Grant isn’t the bumbling softie that we all thought he was. The next edict to come through the microphones in the training yard at Stalag Stamford is that noone has a God given right to stay in the team, and players will play on merit. The Sun is also claiming that he is going to follow bearded winge King down the path of rotation. Eurgh.

When asked about Mourinho’s time at the helm, and the fact that he had certain ‘untouchables’ , that he wouldn’t drop, Avram said:

“The Untouchables? I only know the movie! It was great — I saw it three times. But when you have a big squad why do you have it? To use it. We do not have a big squad just to talk about. We’re fighting for four titles and you need all the players. I want there to be a rotation. Part of the reason is people are injured. Second, it is to keep people fresh and thirdly, when people are in good shape you need to keep them like it. The players knew before they signed they would not play all the time. We pay their wages because we want them to make a contribution to the team when we need them.”

Although Andriy Shevchenko, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Florent Malouda have already felt the cold shoulder from the Israeli, he claimed that everybody will get a chance in this Stamford Bridge meritocracy. Grant said:

“We’ll need everybody. I don’t want to talk about being happy or not happy. But I’m sure sometimes there’s a player who’s less happy than another. If there’s a problem then the players can knock on my door and we’ll find a solution.”

Anytime a man back ed by powerful Russans tells you that you can work out a “solution” we think you should just do what they want.