Chelsea set for another incredibly expensive superstar on the declne

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Chelsea are after Ronaldinho, so says The Sun, and who are we to argue with such an honorable source?

Apparently Chelsea want the Brazilian party animal, who was booed on Sunday by his own fans, and are prepared to indulge in a spot of fisticuffs with fellow suitors AC Milan.

Head honcho’s at Barca are said to be annoyed with Ronaldinho’s – football, gym, party! – daily regimen – and compared to his younger self he now looks more like Rob Earnshaw that Pele. Added to this is the fact that Ronaldinho has been acting like a petulant kid, having spats with Samuel Eto’o and his Dutch boss. So the time is obviously ripe to flog him to the nearest numpty willing to put up the huge sums of cash the Catalans want for a big name player struggling to live up to the hype, who better than Chelsea?

The Sun ulitized their vast network of ‘sources’ for this tale – a top Nou Camp source said:

“Ronaldinho’s period at Barcelona is coming to an end. It’s no longer a question of if, but when they sell.”

So can Chelsea fend off interest from AC Milan and bag their man, who currently does a smashing impersonation of a drunken streetwalker sloping around the football field. £70m bid, £11.6m-a-year salary – can you spell B-A-R-G-A-I-N? Chelsea can!