Not Good Enough For West Ham or Newcastle, But Good Enough For Norwich?

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It is a good time for managers with seemingly no achievements under their belt. Not only if Gary Megson now in charge of Nicolas Anelka, but now the man with the face of a librarian and the voice of Stuart Pearce is back in employment, yep someone loves Glenn Roeder and that someone is Norwich chairman Robert Munby. Let’s just have Munby confirm that:

“After a lengthy and diligent search I’m more than delighted to confirm Glenn Roeder is the board’s unanimous choice as the next Norwich City manager.”

How diligent the search was we are not sure, but judging by what they found we get the impression that Munby is the sort of person who would spend 20 minutes looking for his glasses when they are on the top of his head.

But is this all a little unfair on Roeder, who did have one good season at West Ham and wasn’t that bad at Newcastle? Will he show us his worth as a football manager? Any words of wisdom for the Norwich fans on what to expect?