Photo of Liverpool Star’s Wage Slip Leaked, is he worth it?

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Like an undulating muddy pitch to a skillfull passing side, the gutter dwelling tabloids are a great leveler to high flying football players. The Sun today is practically wetting itself over the sordid details of John Arne Riise’s payslip, a snapshot of which has been leaked onto the net.

Riise gets paid £30,000 a week, a sum which they call “whopping”, but is it really that inflated? According to the slip Riise earned £139,000 with bonuses, but he still had to shell out £36 for match tickets but compared to other recalcitrant players, and injury prone layabouts, Riise has been a good servant to the club, so is he good value for his wages or a man who isn’t worth the ginger hassle.