The Kaiser Thinks England Play Like A School Team And He’s Probably Right

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The Guardian is whispering to us, and the paper commonly known as the ‘sword of honour’ in the COS penthouse, is telling us that last night Franz Beckenbauer has called England a “school team” that are devoid of any passion, life, or direction. The Kaiser, referring to Germany’s 2-1 friendly over McClaren’s schoolboys in August, said:

“It was like a school team, they were not talking and not supporting. That was the biggest surprise. There is no life in this team. The first time I played against England in 1965 and then during the World Cup in 1966 there was always a certain spirit.”

Beckenbauer showed pity on hapless England however, saying that if they didn’t qualify for EURO 2008 the tournament wouldn’t be the same and that it would be a mistake to sack the managerial shambles that is the McClaren-Venables duo. Beckenbauer said:

“A European Championship without England wouldn’t be the same, that would be a big loss.” and also referred to any potential McClaren sacking, saying: “If you tear it up, somebody just ends up having to go through it all again.”

So does anyone care that the German legend thinks that McClaren and his sorry squad are lifeless “schoolboys”? Truth hurts, we suppose.