UEFA President Attacks Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger For Going After Kids

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UEFA president Michel Platini has laid into Arsene Wenger, saying that his transfer policy – that of procuring talented youngsters early in their careers – inevitably ruins smaller clubs.Wenger has nabbed talented youths Fabregas, Walcott, and Merida to name three, and Gilles Sunu, Carlos Vela, as well as naughty 15yr old whipper-snapper Jermaine Pennant from Notts County – and fellow Frenchman Platini doesn’tike it one bit.

Platini said:

“I do not like the system of Arsène Wenger, in France, Italy and Spain it is easy to buy with money the best players at 14, 15 or 16. I don’t like that. If the best clubs buy the best 15 or 16 players, [then it] is finished for all the clubs in Europe. If my son is playing at Millwall and at 16 Manchester [United] come in for this player, then when will Millwall have a good team?”

Good point, but there are a lot of factors contributing to Millwall’s inability to match Manchester United beyond losing a good young player here and there. Financial inequality of sponsorships and TV deals, lack of salary cap, blah blah blah.

Football isn’t equal and it’s part of why we like it, and part of why we hate it, but will equality really make the sport better?

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