Ipswich the latest Championship club to sell their soul blah blah blah

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Here we go again, some football club will be selling to some rich bloke thus negating any achievement or genuine passion their fans can claim to have. At least this was the case a couple of seasons ago. Now? Getting newly minted is the trend and no one really cares where the money comes from as long as the club gets better.

This time it’s former kings of Europe (where did it all go wrong?) Ipswich Town who are changing hands. Let the BBC take up the story:

“Ipswich Town’s board has agreed to sell a majority stake in the club to private businessman Marcus Evans.

The proposed investment will see Evans purchase the Championship club’s approximate £32m debt.

He will invest a further £12m through the issue of new shares to become the majority owner and shareholder.”

Well that all went over our heads, you too? Let one-time FA bigwig and Ipswich and Ipswich boardroom fixture David Sheepshanks distill it for us:

“Marcus Evans’ investment is potentially great news for Ipswich Town.”

Ah, right, that’s all good then. Do you agree Ipswich fans?