Is Frank Lampard’s Chelsea’s Most Important Player?

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The future of Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard is still looking unsure, but with Frank earning the GDP of a small pacific nation a few questions have been raised as speculation about his future begins to mount. Will he be missed if he leaves and does Avram Grant rate him as much as his predecessor did?

Although Lampard scored a life-saving hat-trick for Chelsea in their 4-3 win over Leicester, as well as playing a belter against Manchester City at the weekend, his boss still wouldn’t be drawn on whether he will scrawl his name on a new contract. Lampard has 18 months left on his new contract, which in the money-crazed world of top flight football, is equatable to the life of a may-fly.
Avram Grant said:

“Frank is very important for the team. He likes to do things to a high level that is his target and our target. I am not involved in the money situation. They are negotiating and at the end of the day they will find a solution. Frank wants to stay at Chelsea and Chelsea wants Frank. Frank says it all the time. It is only negotiating. It is not a football matter.”

Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona are all thought to be monitoring events from afar. Lamps has stated he wants to stay in West London, so Lawrie Sanchez is on full alert.