Liverpool Stars Set For Return Sooner Than Expected

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Rafa Benitez is ready to breathe a big halitosis-ridden sigh of relief today as he is expecting good news on his influential midfielder Xabi Alonso.

Confirmation came from the Liverpool club doctors earlier this week that Alonso had indeed fractured his fourth metatarsal, but they were unsure how long the Spaniard would be out for. After beating a Robbie Fowler-led Cardiff side 2-1 yesterday, Spaniard Rafa Benitez’ beard will be glowing with joy if the news on Alonso’s injury is good. After yesterday’s game Rafa expressed his hopes that Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso can return to action within two weeks and the entire Liverpool squad are believed to be playing with all their fingers and toes crossed, which at least partially explains yesterday’s tight scoreline.

Rafa said:

“That’s the idea we have, so (Fernando) Torres and him, maybe (Daniel) Agger, can be fit in two weeks.”

So Torres, Agger, and Xabi could all be back? What was all the fuss about? Dropping points left and right and being on the verge of elimination from the Champions League?

Oh right…