Peter Taylor is never out of work for long, but then neither is the Grim Reaper

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He’s back, the flavour of the month (the month being May 2000), Peter Taylor is to continue spreading the magic that so enamoured Crystal Palace fans to him at… Stevenage. Of the Conference. How the slightly mighty have fallen. So how did you pull this one off, Phil Wallace, chairman of Stevenage?

“I’ve done nothing else for almost a week other than work on the managerial position, but it was worth it to get Peter on board.”

This is a Championship appointment in the Conference and shows our desire to compete for promotion this season and next.”

Indeed Phil, although ideally the Championship appointment didn’t just get sacked from said Championship. But COS is going to put aside it’s natural cynicism to say that in the Conference Peter Taylor might just prove he isn’t rubbish afterall, even though he’s generally failed at everything.