Arsenal Star Could Have Signed For Man Utd But Thought Better Of It

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Let the bitching begin! Mere days before the Arsenal-Man Utd game, Gooner Emmanuel Adebayour has started the wind-up ball rolling by claiming that he turned down a move to the “Theatre of Dreams” and the chance to party the weekends away with Christiano Ronaldo and opted to stay at Arsenal.
And Emmanuel Adebayour appears to have crawled into bed with press dung beetles The Sun; below a picture of him gleefully clutching a copy of the newspaper and pretending to read it, the striker spilled the beans on a potential move. Adebayour said:

“When I got that approach from United, I was like ‘OK, it’s a good team, one of the biggest teams in the world — why not?’ It was very flattering for me and gave me confidence that I am a good footballer because, if a team like Manchester want to get me, it proves I’m doing things right. But don’t forget I am already at a massive club and we have a fantastic team. I had a good discussion with the boss Arsene Wenger, we finally sorted everything out and I was very happy.”

United fans will be able to see what they missed out on this weekend, when they travel to the Emirates to take on Arsenal. Adebayour then proceeded to rub Sir Alex’s nose in it by declaring:

“I did the right thing in signing a new deal with Arsenal — a four-year contract. I am just like a baby boy who was born in this club. It’s a family team, everyone loves me — and the fans, the players, the boss . . . we are all like brothers.”