Barnsley and Hull compete to sign the most forgetten striker

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Who is the Premiership’s most fogettable target man? Andrea Silenzi? Sean Dundee? That guy who played for, you know… with the hair… oh no it’s gone? Well Hull and Barnsley would like to offer up a couple of names for your consideration. First let’s look at Hull’s entry.

Hello Hull, who is that you have just rejected for not being quite good enough? Why it’s Malcolm Christie, once of Derby and Middlesbough. I forgot he even… oh you get the picture, so what are they up with him then? They are not offering him a deal after a trial spell. Hull manager Phil Brown saying:

“We had a good look at Malcolm but have decided not to give a deal.”

What a quote, throw us a bone here Phil.

And Barnsley, who might this be? Jon ‘£4m’ Macken, once of Man Ciy reserves. And he will be signing for them till January because he just can’t force his way into that strong Derby forward line.

Who wins, you decide! Or is there an even more forgettable striker to have graced the Premiership?