Chelsea pay their players too much money, we’d never have noticed

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Don’t listen to politicians, they are all liars driven by self-interest. We all know that. Well, how’s this for a big fat lie, from Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe:

“The amount of money that players earn is obscene. Good luck to John Terry but the ordinary man in the street can’t relate to that sort of money. Chelsea are £250m in the red and they may be able to cope with that but it’s not the real world. £250m in the red is not sustainable.”

Wait a minute, it’s not a lie at all, it’s what everyone knows to be true. Hasn’t stopped Chelsea getting their very expensive Russian knickers in a twist though:

Chelsea were furious. Club sources said it was inappropriate for the minister to attack the England captain in the week that the government had pledged its support to a World Cup bid, and disputed his assessment of the financial position.

What in the name of clogging centre-backs the 2018 World Cup has to do with a player that will be nearing 40 by then is anyone’s guess. But then when last time Chelsea let logic get in the way of a good moan? If you spend extortionate amounts then you don’t really have much of a leg to stand on when people accuse you of, well, doing just that.